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Alex Neri (Tenax, Planet Funk) / UploadSounds on Tour 2023

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Data: Sab. 04 novembre 2023
Dove: Museion, Piazza Siena, Bolzano
Orario: ore 21.00
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Upload Bands: Codex_Saqqara & Synthakt.

Alex Neri has been making an influential contribution to modern electronic dance music since the early 1990’s. Alex kicked off his career at a very young age, when his first step into the music scene saw him DJ at various clubs in the Tuscany region of Italy. These were the years of new wave, electro funk and garage influenced house music of the 90s, and Alex quickly became well known across the globe for his own unique Italo style productions.
Alongside his success as an international DJ, he also forged a long term working relationship with Marco Baroni. They have produced many classic records together under many different aliases, with one of the most popular being Kamasutra whose releases were worshipped on a global scale.

Codex_Saqqara is a computer-instrumental duo formed by Francesco Ardan Dal Rì - Return_Nihil (live coding) and Francesca Zanghellini (electric violin). Both musicians have a strong background in contemporary music and they are used to performing together in live electronics and improvisational contexts. Within this project, they would like to further explore the possibilities of co-creation and shared agency offered by novel technological means, alongside the possible interactions between two different musical praxis. Codex_Saqqara have already performed several concerts both in streaming and in live contexts. According to the usual aesthetic of the live coding practice, their performances are entirely improvised from scratch and all the code is deleted afterward.

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